Monday, 12 November 2012

Not quite but almost

I've now been tagged twice in the eleven random things/questions/etc thingamydodah, and so I had better Do something about it.

It wouldn't be fair to answer one of the set of questions and not the other, so I am going to answer neither, and nor am I going to think up 11 fresh questions - there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all!!  All that I will contribute, whilst thanking people for tagging me [very kind of you both to think of me!], is to try to find 11 random things about myself to share.

Here goes:

1. I've learned a lot of languages - I have GCSEs in French, German, Russian and Latin (all As except the Latin which was a C - I started it two years later than everybody else in the class!), and then I studied Hebrew and Greek in university.  I think that may be enough!

2. There is a 35 year age gap between the FH and I.

3. I don't eat wheat, corn, soya or dairy products.  To say why would be TMI.

4. When the EFG was born the paediatrician asked me why I hadn't stopped smoking when I became pregnant, as it was my fault that the EFG was such a wee thing at 5lb 8ozs.  I took  pleasure in telling her that I hadn't [and still haven't] smoked a single cigarette in my life, so she needed to think again.

(image from

5.  My all time favourite film is the original Dr Zhivago with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie.

6.  I've come to the conclusion that I love collecting recipes a tiny bit more than I actually love to cook.  It is in my nature to collect information of all kinds!

7.  I don't want a Kindle.  I prefer real books.

8.  I'm quite a procrastinator when I have to do something I really don't fancy doing - I will fill the time with all sorts of things in order to not get around to doing whatever it is I don't want to do!

9.  I wish I could crochet.

10.  I miss my mum every day - she's been gone nearly 15 years and I think of her every day.  But I see her in myself and in the EFG....she's not far away.

11.  I love to drive - it is definitely in my blood - Mum and Dad could both drive buses.  Perhaps I will be able to drive something sizeable one day!  I used to love driving the motorhome.

That is my contribution - thanks for reading xx


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that film too!

Angela said...

Thanks for the information - I miss my Mum [and Dad] every day too
I prefer a book to a Kindle.
Not as good at languages - but only just learned to crochet!

re #8 - doing the ironing and washing the kitchen floor. Almost anything but do them!

blessings x

Bryallen said...

Thanks, it was interesting to learn more about you! :)

You are amazingly multi-lingual! You have inspired me to keep up learning German. I would love to work there someday!

I don't want a kindle either. I like to turn the pages and hold the paper in my hand! :)

Morgan said...

@Bryallen - Thanks, but it is only the French that gets used these days, as the schools only seem to concentrate on that - the EFG did French GCSE, and the YFG is doing it this year, and I sometimes help out with French conversation at the village school with the Y6 children.


Thanks for all the comments, ladies xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

I would love to learn languages, but have enough trouble with my English over here in Canada!!!

I prefer to hold a real book in my hands also!!!

Great info,