Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Menu planning

This week has started with a bang with commitments yesterday, and the holiday seems so long ago already that I can't believe how quickly the time has flown past me.  

The YFG had a great day in London yesterday, more excited about getting held up in a traffic jam and realising that the coach was outside 221B Baker Street ["BAKER STREET, Mum, we were in BAKER Street!] than the Museum, where they were looking at ecology and then volcanoes - wish I could have gone too as volcanoes were my favourite part of Geography!  Anyway, she is home safe and sound.

Just wanted to say Hello and Welcome to my two new followers - glad to have you here, and do say Hello in the comments sometime!

And so to the meals for the week........

Last night, the FH and I had one of the butcher-shop rabbits from Holt, and I have to say that I enjoyed it, although it tasted quite strong.  The children declined and had to make do with freezer diving to find alternatives.

Today is gymnastics, and I plan to leave them with a shepherd's pie that they can eat whilst I am at gym.  This plan has worked well in previous weeks.

Wednesday I have a small after school gym club in the village to run, and so it is a busy day again - I think that meatballs with spaghetti and pasta sauce would be quick and easy.

Thursday is the piano lesson after school, but we will be home by 5pm, I think, this week, so I may well roast a chicken, so that we have leftovers for Friday.

On Friday, I will have cold chicken, which would be nice with mash and veg and some pickles, perhaps.  All the FH has to do whilst we are at gym is turn on a saucepan to cook the veg.  Should be a doddle!

On Saturday, a home made vegetarian pizza will ring the changes, as we will have had quite a few meat based meals this week.

Sunday will be a surprise because I will have to have a good root around in the freezer to see what we have left by then.

I am finding that this planning is helping with the stock control and budgeting so I am going to try to continue it for the rest of the term.

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Anonymous said...

I love cold meat and pickles...it been ages since we had that as a meal. Good idea for my menu next week I think! :)