Thursday, 1 November 2012

All Saints

Southern aspect
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This is All Saints' Church, in Rampton, about 10 or so miles north of Cambridge.  It is my childhood church, the one I attended every Sunday from the earliest memories I have, right up until I was nearly 19 and leaving home to go to university.  We moved out of the village two years earlier, but still travelled down the hill to worship here.

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I remember many years of worship in this church, many traditions and much community spirit and love shared amongst the congregation there.  It wasn't a huge congregation all the time, it ebbed and flowed as they do, but there were some amazing characters there who I learned a lot from.  They were mostly older people, who had time to talk to a young girl, and share memories.

I no longer worship in the Church of England tradition, having moved over or out to Methodism now but I am very grateful that I have found another church home where I feel as welcome and as valued as I did back then.  The denomination may have changed, the building in which I worship has changed and the style of worship is incredibly different, but it is the same God, and He is worthy to be praised.  I like to think back and remember this old church on All Saints' Day, because that is remembered in its name.

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