Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today we are planning to be at the morning chapel service, but there will be another one later in the day, bringing the village together for Remembrance Day.

The FH did his National Service in the RAF, and we have many friends who have served in the RAF too.  My grandfather, I have learned, fought in the First World War, and the FH has cousins who were in the Royal Marines in the Second World War.  We come from fairly lowly backgrounds, both of us, and have a lot of agricultural workers in our family trees, so a lot of our relatives were engaged in agriculturally based reserved occupations.
We still remember those we know who have served, though.  I also think of the young soldier I wrote to during the original Gulf War, when I was a teenager.  One of the FH's uncles was on HMS Repulse during the war, I believe.  He was a radio operator, and knew Morse Code - clever man!

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The FH watched the Festival of Remembrance from the Royal Albert Hall last night, and I was listening to it as well.

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We give thanks for all their sacrifice and service, and must never forget them.  In current times, we also remember those who have received life-changing injuries whilst carrying out their duties, and I think that charities like Help the Heroes deserve our respect, support and admiration as well as the more traditional organisations like the Royal British Legion, which does amazing work.


Angela said...

Absolutely - our fundraiser total yesterday is £200 and still rising!! We think of 'the fallen' who have died, and can easily forget those who struggle to go on living.

Arwedd said...

Definitely remembering those who gave their tomorrows for our today.

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I hope you don't mind.

Arwedd xx