Sunday, 4 November 2012

2013 dates already

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I can't believe how quickly this year is disappearing!  Now that we are in November, we are getting appointments and dates made for times ahead in 2013 and I thought it was time to get the new household planner made for 2013.  I spent an hour earlier this week printing off pages from this website, and picked out a 19p binder from the stash in the stationery cupboard, along with a 56p set of page dividers I had bought from a "reduced to clear" bin at the supermarket.

I have set it all up just as I described here in October since this plan has worked well for me this year.

Marking up people's birthdays is the fun part, but I will also mark the calendar pages with school holidays, and the appointments from the various doctors and consultants that the FH sees are put on there as soon as we get them.  I also insert all the dates on which payments are due into our accounts so that I can keep an eye on the bank balances more easily - one is paid monthly and stays the same each month, but the others are paid four-weekly, so they vary each month.  My income is invoiced and paid at irregular times as well, since some of it depends on chicken breeding and sales, and some on gymnastics.  I obviously can't mark that up!

The next part of my financial plan will be to look at the spending over the year, and plan goals for 2013.  For sure, it won't involve buying two new-to-us cars, but it might need a little home renovation work - the shower room ceiling may need re-skimming, and we definitely need a new bath panel.....

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Regarding Nigel Slater-I have watched him a couple of times, but don't believe that anyone behaves like him.

Congrats on your Financial organisation.

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