Monday, 26 November 2012

A weird kind of day

Not in a bad way, but today has been a bit different!

I pottered around doing housework after the girls went off to school at 8am, and then the chickens were next on the list.  I came in for breakfast, and then rang a friend to organise fetching a bale of straw from her field, which was set for 11am.  In between, I did several loads of laundry and did a bit of Faith & Worship reading but couldn't settle to do much.

I went to get the straw and delivered the ironing back to the chapel [tablecloths!] and came home - by which time it was nearly lunchtime, so hanging some more washing and dealing with some emails filled in the time until I ate.  And then, do you know what, I had a nap!  I was reading some books from which I was hoping to draw some inspiration for the Sunday service, and I could feel my eyes getting heavy, so I curled up on the sofa and slept - for a good 90 minutes, too.

The FH had gone to his friend's house, to cook him some lunch, and he didn't come home again until just after I woke up.  The F&W work did get done eventually, but not quite in the volume I had hoped.

Tonight, I have spoken to my cousin and my aunt because my uncle was taken in to hospital this morning with irregular heartbeats, after collapsing.  He is in there for the night at least, and the doctors are trying different things to get his heart beating normally again.  I hope to hear more positive news from them tomorrow; this uncle has a history of heart problems, and had a heart attack some years ago.  He has just celebrated his 70th birthday this month.  I'll be praying for him and the family.

Do check out our blogging friend from Cornwall who has been in the Daily Express today - congratulations, Froogs!  She is an inspiration to us all.


Angela said...

Great to see Froogs story in print - she has worked so hard to clear those debts.
I am GLAD you had a mid day nap, you obviously needed it!
Praying for your uncle [& aunt]
blessings and hugs x

Gill - That British Woman said...

some day a nap is in I finished reading a book, should have been doing other things, but that book was calling my name.....