Monday, 1 March 2010

1st March

March has arrived as a perfect Spring day! The sun has been shining beautifully this morning, and the views across the fields are great - we seem to be able to see for miles - a great antidote to the rain and misty mornings we have been having. AND I actually hung some washing out on the line so fingers are firmly crossed that it gets properly dry. To aid the celebration of Spring, I was delighted to find two eggs in the Seabright house this morning - so I am thinking about booting up the incubator at the weekend. If I can get half a dozen eggs from her, I will definitely do it. The cock bird is treading her regularly so I would think that they might be fertile!

I bought the mozarrella cheese this morning for the pizzas later in the week, costing 47p as predicted, which brings the total remaining down a little further to £80.29.

The water levels in the Fen drains are higher than I have seen them before, which is testament to the heavy and persistent rains we have had here lately. I am hoping and praying that the rain eases up now as the time is coming to begin to prepare the garden beds for planting, and the chicken runs desperately need to dry out too.

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