Friday, 19 March 2010

So how's the menu plan?

It's working out, little by little.

Tuesday was the Corned Beef dish, Wednesday was the unplanned lasagne, yesterday was the haddock meal and tonight will be the frying steak with wedges. Tomorrow will probably be the meatballs and then the roast chicken on Sunday. I do like a roast dinner on a Sunday!

The lunchboxes are doing OK as well - the YFG is enjoying the banana bread and the EFG the carrot cake. There was no fruit that the YFG likes left this morning, so she has had a cut-up carrot, and she loved the jelly she had yesterday. I was worried about the packing up whilst we were on the challenge as the YFG has fads in which she will love something for ages and then suddenly take a dislike to it. That's fine if I know that she is fed up with something but it becomes a pain when I don't realise! She usually asks for the item again within a few months, so I think that she just wants a change. I'm planning some Viennese biscuits from here this weekend so I hope that some of them make it through to Monday to perk up the lunchboxes for a day or two.

Breakfasts are plodding along in a bit of a repetitive fashion - the FH has porridge most days, the EFG toast and the YFG one of hot cheese sandwiches, eggy bread or a sandwich. I'm on whatever I can find - sometimes leftovers, sometimes I treat myself to a sausage, occasionally I open a value tin of broken grapefruit and that lasts me a couple of days.

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