Sunday, 21 March 2010

A slow day

We're all a little bit off kilter today. We've pottered around and not been anywhere much at all, and seen no-one except neighbours. I cooked the chicken for lunch and we ate at about 2pm, and then eventually had a snack-ish tea at nearly 8pm. The girls are tucked up in bed now and I am shortly to follow them.

The FH has hurt his ankle again and so he is hobbling around on crutches. It is bandaged up but it feels better when it has weight on it so he is not putting it up on a stool but keeping it on the floor. He has had to spend most of the day watching TV in front of the fire - it's a hard life. I have done some baking this afternoon - a sponge cake for tea, the Viennese biscuits for the YFG in particular and some chocolate slab cake for everyone. The chickens have done me proud - 10 eggs today, including two bantam eggs.


Mrs. Mac said...

Slow days are good. I've had one today (after a dash to the markets as we were out of food (no flour/cream/sugar/butter/fruit/veggies;) Today I was puzzled about chocolate slab cake (so, of course, I googled it;) ... a simple ingredient cake that sounds delish! Must try it soon. Hope your hubby's ankle is mended soon.

Morgan said...

It's interesting how we all learn new things and new names for things we already know! I believe our slab cake may be known as sheet cake in other parts of the world - I just make a chocolate sponge mixture (eggs, butter, sugar, flour, cocoa powder) and cook it in a lined 9" x 11" shallow tin. Then we ice it and cut it into squares. Very handy for snacks and treats!