Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Menu update

The YFG demanded lasagne last night on the way home from gym. She doesn't often make known strong views on food, being a happy-go-lucky kind of kid most of the time, but she said she thought that she "needed" some! You will have seen that there were no mince-based meals on the menu, as there was no mince in the freezer - so I had to do a little shopping today. £3 spent on 700g mince. I made a big lasagne which fed the three of them for supper and two large portions went straight into the freezer before they could be eaten as seconds! I also had a portion myself but I took mine out before it was made into lasagne and just served it with rice. That spend means £37.70 left.

I made a banana cake in one of the bread machines this afternoon to use up some very ripe fruit, and I have made up some jelly tonight, both in an attempt to make something more interesting for the lunchboxes tomorrow.

In the garden today, I have dug over one of the veg beds as the sun was shining and it was a lovely day to be outside. Some of the dead plants that were hanging around in the greenhouse also got composted, and it was cute to see the cat asleep on the bench in the sun in there too.

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