Friday, 26 March 2010

Last call for giveaway

I'm going to give you (all - is there anyone there??) until Saturday night to send in some recipes for the giveaway - come on, you know you have a recipe everyone loves and asks you to make - share!

The YFG has been at home today feeling slightly off colour, but thankfully NOT with the stomach upset! She's made a new email penpal in Indiana who also loves gymnastics and is 10, watched some TV, played some games on the computer, eaten some cake, been out with her dad for a wee while, and we've been to gym tonight. I was operating on just an apple and a sausage - almost running on empty - so I was a bit fragile, but I am doing OK. I rested up during the day somewhat, reading and just pottering, rather than trying to work my way through a list of chores the way I usually do. I did make some more French sticks this morning, but that was about the limit of my energies!

I'm off to bed now to finish a book over a cup of tea. G'night all!

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