Sunday, 28 February 2010

Food in the week ahead on the challenge

Thinking about the week ahead, I am going to be out of time nearly everyday. It is World Book Day on Thursday and I have three book events to do for schools as well as organising the FH in his drops round the preschools and nurseries. Add to that the gym sessions for the week, Women's World Day of Prayer service on Friday lunchtime and picking up the girls from after school activities and it all gets a bit fuzzy!

The menu looks like this so far:
Monday: Macaroni cheese and broccoli bake
Tuesday: Pasta and sauce
Wednesday: Chicken casserole
Thursday: Vegetable rissotto
Friday: Corned Beef Hash
Saturday: HM Pizzas

Two pasta days consecutively is unusual, but this week there is hardly time to eat let alone cook on occasional evenings, so we just have to go for things which are quick to prepare and filling without being fancy! The only thing that I can see being bought for that menu is mozzarella cheese for the pizzas, and that costs about 47p. We'll need fruit later in the week, but we are OK this end. It is the lunchbox fruit and veg which is the hardest for the YFG - she hates oranges, loves grapes, will only take a couple of bites out of a whole apple but won't allow me to cut one up for her. She will take a carrot though, so it looks like she may be taking more carrots at the moment, as the budget would be severely stretched if I tried to give her grapes every day. The EFG on the other hand, loves oranges, clementines, etc and happily takes two each day.

I have made a sponge cake for tea, but now I need to go and make some carrot cake for the snacks and lunchboxes. I am also going to see if I can find a packet of digestive biscuits lurking anywhere - if I can, then refrigerator cake could be on the plan this week as well.

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