Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hatchery set to go

The Sebright eggs in the incubator have only days left to go until their hatch is supposed to happen, and tonight I have successfully bid on some Gold laced Oprington eggs, from the same man I had some from last year. I won 2 lots of 12, and he has emailed to say he will let me have another 6 included in that price, so that's 18 eggs. This is the same breed as the lovely Coco, so we are hoping that they will hatch successfully....I'm going to pick them up tomorrow.

We have been making poultry plans and the FH has been out to buy some wood to build me a new chicken shed. Well, I knew I was saving all that money for something! Seriously, though, we priced the size of shed I want with local shed manufacturers, and they were coming in at between £650 and £900, so the paltry amount the wood has cost me today is nothing. I shall have to turn joiner's labourer for a few days, I know, but 'tis worth it to get the breeds segregated so that I can start hatching our own eggs.

I found a great recipe for hot cross buns on an Australian savings website, so I am going to try it tomorrow. If it works, I'll share it! Must also borrow my neighbour's camera again so that I can take a photo of the buns.

Tomorrow is the EFG's last day of term, and I got her report today - excellent and well on target, so I am very pleased with her hard work. Most of the teachers have chosen the "Excellent attitude to learning" although one or two have gone for the "Good attitude to learning" choice. The Geography teacher says that she is working at level 6, when the target is only level 5, so she is exceeding his target, yet he has only given her the "Good" rather than the "Excellent" so I am not sure where he's coming from. I know how hard she works, so I am pleased.

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