Sunday, 28 March 2010

The poultry auction

The family returned from the auction at about 4pm, with a box of unsold cockerels in the car. Unfortunately, we had sexed them and got it wrong. What we thought was a hen was in fact a cockerel so instead of entering a Pair of Buff Orps, I had sent a couple of boys along, and the auctioneer's staff had put a notice on the pen saying that they couldn't be sold. On a happier note, the two Buff Sussex hens, two Barnevelder hens and two Black Orpington hens all sold, for at least £30 each pair, so I am pleased. I know the auction house will take its cut, but I should have a nice cheque coming my way within two weeks.

There were no Gold Partridge Orps in the auction at all, so I think that they might be the kind to breed! The cockerels are back in the pen here with their third brother, and have settled in for the night now.

My dad and MB came over this afternoon for a visit, and then UJ has phoned this evening, too. My sister is going into hospital tomorrow to have her bunion "done" so I must phone her on Tuesday to see if there is anything I can do for her. Gym is finished until 20th April, and the girls finish school on Wednesday (EFG) and Thursday (YFG) so we are on the home run to Easter now - hooray!!

Changing the clocks forward last night has made me sleepy and it is only 9.30pm so I am about to head for bed.

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