Monday, 22 March 2010

Recipe from Susan in Scotland

Here's the first recipe in the giveaway. Thanks, Susan, I'm looking forward to trying this out when I can get to the shops to buy some curry powder or paste!

"Hello Fen family - I'd love to share the Mackay family curry sauce receipe. It's really simple to make, easy to adapt to whats in the cupboard and made from basic storecupboard ingredients.

For the basic sauce (serves 3-4)
Roughly chop 2 largish onions, 2 cloves of garlic & 1 chilli (this can be omitted if you don't want it too hot!)fry until softened but not coloured in oil. Add approx 4 heaped teaspoons of your prefered curry paste (we usually have madras) or curry powder to taste & fry for another couple of minutes. Fling in a tin of chopped tomatoes and about 1/2 tin of water & a stock cube (veg or chicken) and leave to simmer until the onions are soft.

Now comes the fun bit - liquidise (I us a stick blender in the pan and usually end up wearing some of it!) this gives you a lovely smooth basic curry sauce like the local takeaway and can be adapted depending on what is in the cupboard/fridge.

Add a sachet of creamed coconut for a ceylon curry.

A dollop of mango chutney for a patia type curry.

For a creamier version add 2 or 3 spoons of natural yogurt at the end of cooking and a handful of fresh coriander.

Add any type of fresh meat/fish/veg or leftovers.

I usually make a double batch of the basic sauce and freeze half.

Yum feeling quite hungry now....

Susan in Scotland - where it actually feels like spring hurray!!!"

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