Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gardening again

After a quick trip to town this morning to make a delivery and see a friend, I have really spent the rest of the day in the garden! Tidying up has been the name of the game: vacant chicken houses have been spruced up and put into storage, empty rabbit houses have been cleaned and put back into use as the buck called Guiness has been evicted from his penthouse which is due for demolition soon, so he had to find a new home. He is snuggled down in the straw tonight and has made himself very much at home already. I have also moved lots of odd bits and pieces which were lying around and generally tidied up everywhere. The yard looks much better, and I feel brighter for all the fresh air!

The EFG's after school class was cancelled today but she didn't find out until after her bus had already left, so the YFG and I made a quick dash to pick her up, and then we gave her friend a lift home to the other end of the town too.

Tea tonight was the smoked haddock kind of dish - it ended up as a vegetable risotto with the smoked haddock cooked and then flaked through the rice - I thought it was nice, and it was certainly all eaten!

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