Friday, 12 March 2010

Frantic Friday

Today was going to be a housework day, but then we got a call to say that something had to be picked up from Cambridge and off I popped! I combined this trip with another visit to the County Archives, so all in all, it took me nearly 3.5 hours, and I took our neighbour with me for a ride - he loves to get out and about to see the countryside, and he is in his late seventies/early eighties so he always has plenty of tales to tell as I drive along: he makes great company.

So I got back at about 2pm, ate some lunch, sat down for a while with the FH and then it was time for gym....the YFG and I returned home again at about 9pm, ate our supper and here we are - she is ready for bed and I will not be far behind her!! I just have to wait for the washing machine to finish so that I can hang some washing near the fire, and then I'll be off.

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