Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Heading for 400

This is the 394th post, so I shall have to think what I might do to celebrate the 400th which will surely come soon. Perhaps another giveaway - what can I find to give??

Yesterday was a busy but good day. I had errands to run in the town in the morning - no spending for the challenge, thank goodness, but bills to pay and things to do. I came home to a lovely baked potato for my lunch which the FH had popped in for me, and then I sat down and put my feet up for half an hour before it was time to go and get the YFG from school and head out to gymnastics for the evening.

We put the big airtrack up for the children as they haven't been able to have that out lately as it is in the way when we are training for competitions. They love it and had a great time on it last night - sometimes just having fun and sometimes doing some good gymnastics!! A photographer came in from the local paper at 6pm as the classes changed over so that we could get a photo taken with some of the children and a cheque for the money we have raised for the DEC Haiti Appeal - £1,383.85. They did so well to raise that much, and blasted through the total of £1000 that we had said we wanted to aim for. I think that will be in the paper next week, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for that!!

In the garden, the garden beds are drying out and I want to get another one or two dug over this week/weekend. The glorious sunny weather means that I can also line-dry the washing, so I am washing everything which looks the slightest bit grotty! There are five Gold-laced Seabright eggs in the incubator and we will be candling them at the weekend, so I am crossing everything that at least a couple are going to prove to be fertile. I'm going to order some more eggs from Steph this week so that I may be able to get them in the incubator to hatch a week or 10 days after these ones.

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