Thursday, 25 March 2010

Send a man shopping?!?!

Well, not being entirely fit at the moment, I didn't have a lot of choice, now did I? The other day I asked for a "few" potatoes - as in enough for a meal as I knew I had been promised some more from A, so I didn't need a lot - he came home with a 25kg sack.....oh dear. £3.99 down there.

Today he was going to St Ives to see someone and could call in at the Co-op in town on his way home, was there anything I wanted? As it happened, there were a few things that we needed, so I made a little list: a bag of apples, a jar of cheap lemon curd, a packet of sliced ham, some broccoli and a bar of chocolate for me for a cake I want to make later on in the week, perhaps at the weekend.

The bag which was brought back is slightly different: a "reduced" wholemeal loaf 40p, Gale's lemon curd 99p, the bar of chocolate 1.19, ham 2.75, "reduced" braising steak 3.60 and the apples, £1. Alas, no broccoli. But bread and meat which were unrequested and un-needed since we have enough of both in the freezer. So his total spend, with the potatoes, is now £13.92.
This brings my available pot of money for the remainder of the time down to just £12.31. There's not going to be a lot left! Thank goodness that there are just 9 days left of this challenge. I can see that I will have to buy Easter eggs on Easter Sunday for the girls - hope that there are a couple left somewhere...Good news is that I have a whole leg of lamb in the freezer for Easter Sunday lunch, bought some time ago, reduced of course!

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