Monday, 15 March 2010

Gymnastics success

What a weekend!! We had extra training again on Saturday and then came home to get everything prepared to go out early on Sunday. It was a really early start, and we left here at about 7.30am to meet up with some people to whom we were giving a lift to Peterborough; we had a carful - another coach, a gymnast and the gymnast's dad as well us the YFG and I. We arrived at the venue in plenty of time, and picked out a good spot for the YFG to sit and spectate for the sessions where I would be looking after gymnasts and she would have to sit and watch.

The six girls we had in the first session were all there bright and early, full of beans! It was a good morning, and they collected some medals, too. The second session also went well, but only 2 of the six girls in the that group medalled. The other four were taking part in a huge group of 30 gymnasts and tried hard, but didn't manage to win anything. Then the YFG's turn came, along with 13 of our other gymnasts - four boys were also included in this group. They looked very smart in their new club T-shirts. This group was the most successful of the day, with every gymnast gaining at least one medal, some of them two and some even three or four!!

Last year the total was 34 medal, including 11 golds, and we at the club were pretty pleased with that. This year, however, we managed to get 49 medals: 24 golds, 19 silver and 6 bronze. The YFG got herself a gold on the vault and a silver on the beam, so she was very pleased and I was so proud!!

The timing of the whole day over-ran considerably so we finally returned home last night at about 10.15pm. The YFG had a quick cheese toastie and hit the hay - a thoroughly exhausted girl!

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