Saturday, 6 March 2010

Beginning to wonder if we can make this through!

I am beginning to feel like we are "struggling in the fens" at the moment. The FH looked into the fridges last night and commented that he hoped I would be shopping today as there was nothing in the fridge...well, "nothing" that was instantly edible is what I think he meant! There was some baking margerine, some Clover for spreading, apple butter, some milk, some sweet potatoes, and some lard. So, yes, I did shop today, and I did spend more than I had hoped to spend:

Reduced price wholemeal loaf 19p
Condensed soup for pasta bake 37p
2 corned beef @ 1.32 each so 2.64
Reduced price wholemeal loaf 45p
Mozzarella 47p
Branston beans 3 for £1
Mature Cheddar 500g packs 2 for £5
Dove's Farm flour for me £1.88
Vitalite 98p
Green grapes 2 for £3
Mandarins 2 for £2.50
Savoy cabbage 50p
Bag of apples £1.64
670g broccoli for £1.74
Mushrooms 79p

I was given a Tesco bag full of beautiful Picasso potatoes this afternoon, which will be used for baked potatoes, wedges and roasties as they are gorgeous! Thanks, A!

Hoping that I am adding that up right, it comes to £23.15. The kitty is looking seriously depleted now, with only £53.66 left for the remaining four weeks of the challenge - that amounts to just about £13.40 per week.

Last week's menu plan worked well, except that the vegetable risotto became a home-made pizza and the planned pizza today has had to become tuna pasta bake, hence the tin of condensed soup bought today.

This week's plan:
Sunday: Roast chicken, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and parsnips
Monday: Chicken leftovers and vegetable risotto
Tuesday: Shepherd's Pie (I have a huge pack of mince so half will be today's SP and half will become Wed's dinner)
Wednesday: Lasagne
Thursday: Baked potatoes and beans
Friday: HM Pizza
Saturday: Meatballs and spaghetti.

I am now thinking that I am going to have to work a little harder to use what I have here in stock if I am going to get through to the end of this challenge successfully. The ideas I have had so far include making our own bread, and increasing the meatless meals in the week. There is still quite a bit of meat in the freezer, and four chooks on death row to supplement that, but that probably wouldn't last to the end. Buying meat would take a big chunk of the budget so I am going to look at more tuna based meals as well! Any ideas would be welcome....

Apart from all that, it has been an interesting week. I have done several book fairs, been to the Women's World Day of Prayer service yesterday lunchtime, been to gym as usual, and read an excellent book. "Winter Solstice" by Rosamund Pilcher is a lovely, heart warming read and I couldn't put it down!!


Mrs. Mac said...

I hear you. Our weekly $100 (US dollars) shopping spree took place two days earlier than planned as we ran out of milk. Our fridge had similar things as yours;) My hubby must have a secret stash as he's not complained YET! For a meal stretcher, I like to cook up a big pot of short grain brown rice. Two cups raw rice makes enough to last for several meals though out the week. Rice can be used instead of potatoes placed in a bowl ... topped with stew ... or fried. Add a little lard to a big black skillet ... saute a little onion and garlic .. chopped veggies such as a carrot, Swiss chard or bok choy .. or cabbage .. etc. Add cold cooked rice .. make a well in the center of pan and crack an egg .. let it set up a bit .. then stir into the rice cooking over low heat until set. Season with soy sauce. You could add a small amount of chopped bacon, ham, chicken, shrimp,etc.

I splurged today and bought a good wedge of smoked cheddar cheese:) We don't buy much ready made ingredients (soups, etc.) which frees up funds. Next week I'll start making more stock to use up chicken backs I have stored in the freezer. You know ... you can cook up a big pot of beans (pintos, small white beans, etc. they freeze well ... very frugal)

Greentwinsmummy said...

Winter Solstice is one of my all time favourite books! I adore it,simply adore it.What a simple perfect Christmas they all have x
You are doing tremendously well with your challenge I think,dont be too hard on yourself if you cant last another 4 weeks x x
GTM x x x

Morgan said...

Totally agree, GTM and am already re-reading it to find all the delights I missed the first time around. The entwining of the lives is just magical the way it all turns out, and that the ending is set in Scotland is just perfect for me.

Thanks for your comment re the challenge - I WANT to do it!!