Saturday, 27 March 2010

From here to the end

The end of the challenge is in sight, and just now I have to think about a shopping list for after gym this afternoon. To do that, I need to think about the menu for the week, which is going to look like a rehash of last week's, I'm afraid, since there were a lot of changes last week due to my illness.

Today - Bacon pie
Sunday - Chicken 1/4s with roasties and veg
Monday - Macaroni cheese with greens
Tuesday - Sweet and sour Quorn chunks with rice
Wednesday - Meatballs with HM sauce and spaghetti
Thursday - Baked potato night - with tuna or beans or cheese
Friday - HM Fish and chips
Saturday - HM pizza
Sunday - Roast leg of lamb

The shopping list so far looks like this - cheese, cat food, fish, mozarella, apples and a tin of tuna. I think that there will be enough to buy the girls some Easter gifts for their friends at school if we budget for them carefully and choose wisely!

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