Saturday, 20 March 2010


I have been having a bit of a rummage in the freezer this afternoon. There are spends to update in a minute, and I was beginning to get concerned that we weren't going to make it through as we were running out of meat. I should have dug deeper sooner!

Current list of meat in freezer:

Chicken quarters (3 in bag)
2 portions HM lasagne leftovers
2 meals' worth of meatballs
2 pkts my sausages (ie Free From)
1 pkt chicken livers
1 pkt Quorn mince
1 pkt Quorn chicken-style pieces
3 packs bacon rashers
1 bag cooked turkey
1 pkt sausages.

So, I thought that I would postpone tonight's plan for meatballs as they have loomed large on the menu lately, and cook the Quorn mince instead - very handy for when I have forgotten to take anything out for dinner and it very conveniently cooks from frozen. I can't eat it, so I'll probably have some fish as there are two small pieces in the freezer.

Yesterday I spent £2.50 on mandarin oranges (2 for £2.50 offer) and today I have had to buy Clover spread (£2), Vitalite (98p) and cheese (400g block of ligher Cathedral City for £3.99). Total there - £9.47 leaving £26.23 in the pot, and exactly two weeks to go.

Given what we have available, the menu for this week ahead is going to include:
Monday - turkey pie (puff pastry in freezer)
Tuesday - FH to cook - pasta with sauce and grated cheese
Wednesday - meeting at 8pm - Toad in the Hole
Thursday - Bacon pie (my concoction - bacon and onion on a base of mash, covered with beaten eggs and a smidgen of grated cheese)
Friday - FH to cook - Jacket potato night
Saturday - Chicken quarters, roasties, veg
Sunday - poultry auction - Quick meal - meatballs and spaghetti with tomato sauce

Today I think that the past week and the very long day at the gym competition last Sunday has finally caught up with me as I feel absolutely shattered. Gym this morning was fine and we started working the older girls on some new things, which pleased them, and it kept me challenged too. After picking up the shopping from Tesco, I was ready to come home and go to bed! I did as well - which was lovely until I got a phone call and sat there chatting for about 15 minutes so I decided that I might as well get up. I think I'll be early to bed tonight.......


Mrs. Mac said...

You have some well laid plans for your meals this coming week. I had to google Quorn as I've never heard of it. I presume it's somewhat of a product made from something similar to a mushroom??

Morgan said...

Yes, I can't eat it as the packet says that it may contain traces of wheat, but the family say that the chunks do have the texture of meat, although not the flavour - lots of flavourings like garlic, onion, good gravy, etc are needed to make a tasty meal. I guess that perhaps it is a way for vegetarians to get the texture of meat without actually eating meat - one of the girls went vegetarian for about six months a few years back and we tried it then.

Mrs. Mac said...

I did visit (shop a bit) at my local health food store today and did see Quorn products in the frozen meat section. First I've ever seen or heard about it. Guess that's because I not a vegetarian;)