Monday, 22 March 2010

400th post

Today is the day - the 400th post. I thought that if I made the post first thing on a Monday morning, I would give everyone who reads a few days to enter my giveaway.

Let's share some favourite recipes - what does your family love to eat? What do you love to make for them? Perhaps you could share your best time-saving recipe or the one you make when the cupboard looks bare....

Send the recipes in as comments and I will publish them here so we can all try them out. On Friday 27th March, I'll pick a name out to win a Katie Fforde novel. I can't say which one yet as it will depend on which one the bookstores in town have in stock, but they are all great! It will be a good reminder for us all that busy mums and cooks need to put our feet up now and again and relax with a good book - and I will send this one anywhere, so don't be shy!

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