Wednesday, 3 March 2010

UFOs in Fenland tonight

We were coming home from town at about 7.15pm tonight when the YFG said that there were strange lights in the sky and I should look. I explained that when one is driving, one should really be looking at the road ahead and not trying to look at lights off to the right in the sky!

"Yes, but Mum, they're UFOs!" says she.
"No, they're probably just aeroplanes from the RAF," I suggest.
"But you don't KNOW," it went on, "So they are UFOs because we don't know what they are. They could be helicopters, too." So yes, I agreed that since we couldn't identify them, they were UFOs. Anything for a quiet life!

Today has been a cold but clear day, and we've been out and about. The FH has been to his weekly lunch, with his friends. One friend has sent me five duck eggs to put in the incubator - that is going to be interesting as I will need to find out how long to incubate them and at what temperature. Not sure what he wants to do with the ducklings if we are successful!!


Mrs. Mac said...

chuckling about the UFO story ... and your response to satisfy ... but get on with driving;) Duck eggs are delicious ... not sure about ducklings ... would you use them for food .. or ???

Morgan said...

No, i don't think we would eat them. If they hatch, we'll rear them and send them to the poultry auction in the autumn. The chap has tried eating them and they are not a good table duck at all, so he doesn't recommend that!

They laid a lot of eggs last year and I found out that he had had so many and not known what to do with them that he had resorted to burying a heap of them in his garden. I relieved him of some and made some cakes with them, which he thought was a very fair exchange as he is very partial to some lemon drizzle cake!!