Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Toria's recipe - keep 'em coming!

"This is my go to recipe, made from things we always have in the cupboard.

Tomato & Tuna Pasta

Chop an onion and saute in olive oil until just soft. (I buy onions in bulk, prechop them & freeze, so that counts as cupboard to me).

Turn up the heat & add a can of tomatoes. (Note: for just 2 people use a small can, for a family use a larger can or 2 small cans, this is an easy recipe to modify the number of servings). If your can is not chopped, then prechop, otherwise just throw it in. Cook the tomatoes on high for about 10 mins. Flavour with a bay leaf & some pepper (lemon pepper if you have it)

Open a can of tuna & drain. I prefer the tuna in oil, but have made this with the ones packed in water as well. I've also made it with flavoured tuna once (chilli), when it was all I had in the cupboard. Again, choose your size - use a 95g tin for just 2, a larger can for serving more.

Lower the heat & stir the tuna through. Cook for about 5 to 10 mins. Fish out the bay leaf when done. Stir some freshly chopped parsley through if you have some, but don't fret it if you don't.

Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to the boil & cook some pasta. I prefer linguine with this, but will use what is in the cupboard.

Drain pasta & serve."

Thanks for taking part!

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