Saturday, 1 March 2014

Voucher for you

If anyone wants an Aldi voucher from this week's paper [valid until next Thursday], I have a spare one because I have acquired a Lidl voucher which is only valid for this weekend, and actually more convenient for me to spend today!  So I am happy to share the kindness and send the Aldi voucher on to the first commenter who wants it - I will post on Monday.  Hope that it is of use to someone this week.


catherine said...

Hello Morgan, I enjoy reading your blog very much. I missed the voucher on Thursday being off work ill at the moment so would use it gratefully if it is still 'going spare'. Take care.x

Morgan said...

Catherine - it is yours! Please leave me another comment which I won't publish, and let me have an address for posting. I'll send it on Monday. Thanks for replying, and I do hope you feel better soon xx

catherine said...

Hi Morgan,

The voucher has arrived this morning. Thank you very much. It will certainly help feed my hollow legged boy/ man. He'll be 18 on Thursday and will be off to Uni in September. I was shocked at the cost of halls of residence! He won't have much over from his loans so we need to study frugality first.

Kind regards,

Catherine x