Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mum's gone to...

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Having acquired a voucher for Lidl this weekend, and with a refurbished store recently opening in town, it seemed like a good time to go back to Lidl.  I was very glad that I did!

I couldn't believe some of the prices in there yesterday, especially on the fresh fruit and veg.  Being on a Slimming World plan, we are eating plenty of fresh stuff, so it was a good opportunity to stock up:

Carrots for 39p/bag
Mangoes at 37p each
Savoy cabbages at 29p each - 29p!!
Broccoli for 79p
Iceberg lettuce for 48p - half the price that it is in that other place.
A punnet of pears for 50p
Bag of plums for £1.09
Large bag of British apples for £1.09
Beetroot for 55p/pack
Mushrooms for 42p/carton.

And we bought the YFG a waterproof, windproof Hiking jacket for the Duke of Edinburgh expedition for £14.99, as that helped the total get to £40 for the voucher, and similar jackets we had looked at in an outdoor shop in Ely had been over £30.

We also stocked up on cat biscuits [still the only place I can find them locally for under £1/kg], tinned goods like potatoes, tomatoes, peas, sweetcorn and tuna.  A couple of chocolate biscuit treats for the YFG and FH, and we were done.  Very pleased with that shopping trip, and I shall be going back again.

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I've also been to the Iceland store in town this week - I thought it was time I had a look as I had been hearing such good things about it and it did open before Christmas....I wondered why I had waited so long when I got in there!

The packs of hash browns which the YFG has for breakfast were the same price as the basic versions in Sainsbury but had 100g extra in the packet - well worth noticing.

The fresh selection at the back of the shop was filled with lovely fruit and veggies at very good prices, and I was pleased to see a good variety there - we just bought some broccoli that day but there was lots of choice and it was in good condition.  

With these two shops in this town and a Co-op in the other and occasional side trips to Aldi when I am in the direction, I am all set to minimise the times we go to that other place, and save money as well!


Bridget said...

Look like you are set up then! We all love a bargain! X

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Lucky you with all those on hand, as usual they are all 25 miles from us - no chance of regular visits.

rabbitquilter said...

I have just been into Iceland for something to put in No.2 son's sandwiches for tomorrows lunch. As I walked past the veg bit, one of the assistants was putting Broccoli out - 2 HUGE heads for £1!!! I had to use frozen yesterday as Sainsbugs and Waitrose supply of Broccoli was very sub-standard!!! A bargain of any sort cheers you up no end!!!!

Lesley said...

I sometimes wonder if I should go to Lidl before doing my main shop. I go occasionally and stock up but I'm not a regular.

Good luck to the YFG on her expedition. DD is just starting out on her bronze, and loving it so far!

Morgan said...

@SimpleSuffolkSmallholder - we are indeed very lucky to have such a good selection of shops within about 10 miles radius, if I include Aldi in the group. Just about the only one I can't do within half an hour is an Asda! We are spoiled.

@RQ - yes, those heads of broccoli were huge and I bought one. It has been attacked for a couple of meals so far and there's still some left. I'm going back to Iceland.

@Lesley - lovely to have you back and so pleased your survived Ofsted - we are due HMI imminently...we'll manage! It is getting to the stage here where I am going to the discount shops first and then going to the other place for the odd thing that I can't get in them. And given the chance, if they stock it, I will go to Sainsbugs before the other place. It is in the town with the discount stores, and easier to get to, so I am supporting the ones in the town. Our town is becoming a bit of a bookies/estate agents/bank kind of High Street, and it needs some diversification desperately. Hugs xx

SusanM said...

We have a small Coop in our village but all the other supermarkets (including Lidl and Aldi) are at least half an hour away from us. We tend to do a huge stock up shop at Aldi every two or three weeks, and drop in to any other supermarkets we happen to be passing at other times, having checked out the offers on line before setting out. So I stock up on the items I can't get from Aldi when they are on offer eg soap, brown rice etc. I just have to be organised. I sometimes feel guilty not buying more from the village shops but prices are too high to be affordable most of the time, but great for emergencies. Well done buying the waterproof! What a bargain (and she may not even need it if the weather's good, so no point buying something really expensive).