Monday, 17 March 2014

Stocking up

I've been quite careful in the shops this weekend, because I knew I had this lot on the way!  Approved Foods send me emails constantly, telling me all about the special offers!  Most of the emails go straight to the "bin" as I just don't want to order stuff every week.  Mostly, it has been a 6-8 week arrangement, sometimes stretching out to three months, and very occasionally more often.

Crisps for the YFG's lunch box snack, popcorn for a treat, dried fruit for cakes, silverskin onions, jams and chocolate buttons [only 4 packets!].  That's the treats.  They get hidden away and rationed out.

This is the serious part of the stash!  15 packets of 4 sachets of cup-a soups for the FH's lunches.  Lots of cat food at very good prices, three tubs of cheesy biscuits for the chapel, salad cream, a huge bag of custard powder, and some loo roll - there are four packs there, hidden away, at £2.99 each.

There's a lot of custard there, but the FH is having stewed fruit from the freezer each morning for his breakfast, served with half a sachet of instant supermarket custard @15p/packet.  I thought that this enormous 3.5kg pack might work out more cost effective.  We shall see.

Sometimes I buy more treats, other times I buy more food which forms the basis for meals, occasionally I get cat food, I always buy Nouvelle if they have it!  They limited it to 4 per order or I would have bought more - it is £5/pack in most stores now.

Are you an Approved Food customer?  Do you have anything like that in your country if you are not in the UK?  Some of the food is past its "best before" date, but a lot of it isn't - the Jacob's crackers are in date until November!


Lyssa Medana said...

I had to unsubscribe from the emails. I try and work once per month, depending on what's on offer. Tbh it's a useful resource. WS xxx

Sue said...

Oh you know I am an Approved Foods customer :-)

I've not ordered for a while as I'm still doing my challenge and don't have the upfront cash for an order, but its amazing how long some of the foods I have ordered in the past are lasting. I am still working my way through a huge stack of those Cup a Soups for instance.

You just can't beat their prices.

Meanqueen said...

I have looked at the AF website, but can't find anything I need or want. I daren't buy treats in bulk because they wouldn't be in the house five minutes, so I only buy them one at a time, and very occasionally.

Morgan said...

To Ilona - that is the benefit of my dietary restrictions! I can buy the stuff and hide it away from the rest of the family and there is no danger of me eating it as it would make me so ill! I bring out only a few of anything at a time and eek it out over time. Lovely to hear from you and good to know you pop in sometimes - love your creativity on your blog xx