Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday gallery

A quick round up of some of the jigsaws that the FH has tackled this week.

This one above is a lovely seasonal one, and one of the round ones which challenge him a little!  It is a glorious picture and one he enjoyed doing.  We borrowed this one from the chapel jigsaw group.

This one also came from the chapel group and is called "The Old fox of Glencoe" but there are 5 foxes in the picture.  Unfortunately, there seem to be a couple of pieces of this one missing, which we will mark on the box for the next person.  This was a very challenging picture with all the muted colours of the heather-clad hills, and the tree was rather tricky too!  Unusually for the puzzles he has been doing lately, this one was not fully interlocking, so he found that hard going as some pieces just lay up against others.

This one is from my charity shop haul when I went to Ely a few weeks ago.  The photograph looks better than the actual puzzle - the pieces are quite regular and look almost like tiles - the FH thought it was similar to bricklaying as the rows built up in the same way.

I have been given the gift of an extra hour this morning as the EFG has been taken to Cambridge by the other girl's mother - there are two of them on the course - and I am going shortly to go to the shops with the EFG and then to pick the gym girls up at 4.30pm. 

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Bridget said...

I love the first puzzle. Enjoy your shopping trip.