Monday, 31 March 2014

Our wee tour of Aberdeen

This photo epitomises Aberdeen for me, and is what I remember from my time there as a teenager - the tall, granite buildings, and the straight streets!

The EFG caught the glow of the setting sun nicely in the one here of the Central Library - this is one of the best pictures.

The Old Aberdeen campus - almost makes me want to go back to uni myself to be able to enjoy glorious architecture like this on a daily basis.

We found a Gold Postbox in Golden Square, not far from the flat, to commemorate a Gold medal won by a local paralympian.

The outside of the new university library is just stunning - somehow brings zebras to my mind!

But look at the contrast of the interior with all these swirling lines...

The house near the top of the picture with the little porch entrance is where the flat is situated.  We had the top two rooms between the two black drainpipes - the near one is the living room and the further one is the bedroom.

Union Street - the main shopping area, and very busy!

His Majesty's theatre is hiding behind that tree.

The flat was very centrally situated and we would have been able to take our pick from performances at the Music Hall and theatre, as well as going to the library, if we had stayed longer.  Lots of good cultural points for the city, and the whole place is very clean - street sweepers still exist in Aberdeen.


SusanM said...

My son was playing at the Music hall recently. I love it there and it's always a really friendly atmosphere. There is a choice of cinemas with student rates. Our favourite is The Belmont in Belmont Street, close to the Art Gallery and theatre. Not many people know about it but it is extremely clean, cosy and friendly, and films before midday are at least half the price of those after. I believe that it is up for sale and I hope that it is bought and keeps going as it is. Her Majesty's Theatre is beautiful and there is also the Art Gallery and concerts etc at the Lemon Tree. I'm so pleased that you had a happy time in the Granite City.

veeknits19 said...

Lovely photos, thankyou. I too remember the tall granite buildings with affection.Vee x