Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stars in their Eyes

Who remembers a tv programme of that name where contestants were dressed up to look like their favourite star and then they appeared through a misty portal to sing their hearts out as their character?  It was a Saturday night favourite in our house when I was younger - I think Matthew Kelly presented it for a time.

They used to say, "Tonight, Matthew, I am ........"

All I can say is that today, folks, I have been:
Chief cook and bottle-washer, cleaner, chauffeur, nursemaid, waitress, coach, mediator, finance expert, laundress, chicken-wrangler, egg collector and sorter, travel agent, tea maker, and message taker.  Been a long day.

Favourite post of the day today is from the Quince Tree blog where Sue talks about cakes being good enough.  Right with you on that one, Sue.  You can have too much of a good thing when it comes to making bakes look something they aren't - it should be more about the taste!

Weather report today from the Fens - started off promising until some showers blew in and then the washing got wet.......sunny with showers as the weather folk like to put it.

Off to bed with an old Katie Fforde book that I shall hope to manage a chapter or two from before I nod off.  Cheerio xx


Welsh Poppy said...

Hope you have an easier day today! When out and about I saw in TK maxx I save DOE waterproof trousers etc they maybe some in your store? I managed to pick up 2 jigsaws one Ravensburger and one gibson in CS so Mr WP very happy:)

Morgan said...

@WP - thanks for the tip but we have found some trousers now. We also don't have a local TKMaxx to my knowledge although there might be one in Peterborough, Cambridge or Lynn. Those are the best brands of puzzles in my opinion so well done! FH has just done a Ravensburger 1000 and is now on a Gibson 500 which came in a box with another 500 - he's nearly finished the second one so I shall be on the look out for more soon...

Welsh Poppy said...

They are our favorite puzzles and I always look out for them there was an old chap he bought a Gibson darn before I got to the puzzle shelf.
Mr WP started the Ravensburger it is the Farrow 1000 pieces and one he wanted so £2 was a steal:)

That is a shame but at least you found some trousers.