Saturday, 8 March 2014

Weekend is here

The latest of the FH's creations.

I am pleased that the weekend is here, but actually, I don't seem to be slowing down very much.  I was going round at 7.30am getting breakfast, feeding chooks and throwing washing into the machine.  The girls came to gymnastics with me, which kept us busy until 1pm, and then I had to nip to that other place to get some items which I can't source elsewhere locally.  I do keep looking though.

Once home again at about 2pm, I rebooted the washing and hung some white shirts up to dry, fed the chooks again and collected the eggs, got changed and nipped off to a new women's fellowship meeting.  The aim is for women of my age -they said 30-60 roughly - to have an opportunity to get together occasionally, perhaps once a quarter.  It was nice, but actually, as I shared with one of the ladies I knew as we were leaving, I haven't got time to sit around drinking tea for 90 minutes, unless I am getting something from it - a challenge, instruction of some kind, etc.  I hadn't seen the FH all day, and it would have been lovely to sit and natter with him for 90 minutes, rather than go and spend the time away from him.  The lady I mentioned this to does hope that the group will develop when we have the next meeting in June, and perhaps we can look at some scripture together, or discuss a particular topic, which I would find more worthwhile.  We'll see.

This evening, I have had a relaxing little blog hopping session.  Then I found an email from The Book People offering me 12% off books today, so I went and had a look around, and put £24 worth of books in a basket, that I thought I would like.  I was tempted.  But I didn't!  I just closed the web page.  Deleted the temptation and moved on.  Actually, I moved on to Rightmove to investigate smaller houses in this area....we're not moving at the moment, but the time will come when this house will be too big and I will have to consider downsizing quite a bit, so I thought I would have mooch around and see exactly what the local smaller houses look like, and wonder how on earth I would fit our lives into a smaller box.  And whilst I have been doing all that, I have also been texting with the FH's son, who is having bother with his mother, and who hopes to come to see the FH tomorrow whilst I am out, and probably bring him some more jigsaws, including a 3D one, which will be a first for the FH.

Tomorrow I am off to Cambridge with the EFG to occupy ourselves in the shops whilst the YFG is on her course.  The EFG has money from babysitting and has worked out exactly what she wants from various shops, so I shall be along as the porter to carry the bags.  No spare cash in my budget for Cambridge prices.  She has promised to keep me out of the bookshops.........

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