Monday, 10 March 2014

Savers, spenders

Just now and again, people like me who save money just have to spend the flipping stuff!  I am glad that I have spent the last two years saving like mad, because it is already shaping up to be a bit of a spendy year here, and it is only March.   However, because I have been in the very fortunate position of being able to save, I do have some money to make the necessary purchases.

There's been the expenses of the train trip to Aberdeen, coming up at the end of the month:  I secured train tickets for two of us, one with a 16-25 railcard, for £205, by buying Advance singles from East Coast's website.  I managed to get the accommodation, a one bedroom [but two beds] flat for £130 for the two nights, so I have had to spend £335 on that trip already.  There will be a taxi from the station to the flat when we arrive, and there will be some food spends too, so they all have to be considered.

The grill died sometime last year, but I didn't worry about it much.  Unfortunately, the main oven seems to have gone the same way tonight, so I have had to look at electric double ovens, and it seems that that is going to be about another £300 or so, with fitting, and disposal of the old one.  Now it has come to it, I can't put this replacement off too much longer, and will have to do some serious measuring and researching this week.

Alongside that, the house is in dire need of some redecorating, so that needs thinking about.  The daft builders used MDF for the skirting boards and architraves, though, so I am not sure how well that will sand down for preparing to repaint: I was very cross when I discovered what they had done when we moved in, but I suppose it was cheaper....but we do love wood.

I made the commitment to take the EFG to Slimming World for the six months prior to her departure for uni, and that is costing me £9,90 a week, so nearly another £40 a month from the budget, but actually, that is very worthwhile, and she is already reaping the benefits of this programme - I do hope she gets her half-stone award this week.

Some decluttering and selling off of surplus possessions is definitely on the cards for this year, and perhaps that will help to redress the balance somewhat.  I have some gymnastics coaching on the go this term and hopefully that will put some of the Aberdeen trip cash back in the bank when I am paid at the end of the set of sessions.  Perhaps there will be more work coming my way, and if it fits in with the FH, I will go for it!

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Mindo said...

Sorry to hear your oven is on its last legs. Have you thought of putting a request on Freecycle? You'd be amazed at what pops up on there and someone just might be ripping a kitchen out and disposing of an oven right now!