Saturday, 22 March 2014

Duke's Walk

The YFG has had a day at school today training for her Duke of Edinburgh award scheme expedition - she has come home full of information and experiences from the day and is looking forward to going out again tomorrow, into the field, so to speak, to put some of the training into action.  She will be going on a seven mile walk not too far from here, and will be out for most of the day.  I'm just hoping her walking boots are well broken in!

We had a laugh this afternoon when she got home as she has been told that on the expedition, she will have to either "go" in the bushes during the day, or politely ask at a pub if she can use their facilities...she's wondering now about whether we should investigate a She-wee!  I don't know what she will think of next!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit rough with a cough and cold so I have an appointment with my crochet hook and some yellow wool tomorrow afternoon, as my dad is kindly bringing the YFG home again after her walk.  He will hopefully take some eggs home when he goes as we are getting 15-20 a day and I now have three trays on the side in the utility room...note to self to get oven sorted out so that I can bake some cakes for the freezer whilst we have a glut of eggs.  I will be putting two turkey drumsticks in the slow cooker to make tea tomorrow and I am looking forward to that.

Hope you are all having a good weekend xx


Angela said...

If a shewee costs THAT much,I should rather 'spend a penny' behind the hedge!!

SusanM said...

Get well soon. Son down with something similar - started with a splitting headache and dreadful tiredness which then gave way to a heavy cold! Snow up here today and a bitterly cold wind.

Morgan said...

@Ang - I am definitely with you on this one!

@SusanM - thank you - hope your son gets better soon x

Ciao said...

Bought a friend a She wee a while ago but she never says if she uses it or not xx