Sunday, 23 March 2014

A little mystery

Back in 2011, I posted about a planned power cut we were due to experience and I am quite mystified as to why this should be my second most popular post ever.  Particularly because we are going to have another planned power cut tomorrow!  From 8am until about 2pm, the electricity supply will be off whilst the power company organise the trimming of some trees close to power lines - so once again, no computer - but also no iron, no hoover, no washing machine, no lawn mower - mmmm!  Sounds good, don't you think?!  Of course, I can still cook on the gas hob, sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, and wash the windows, so I guess there will be enough to do to keep busy.

I may even get around to the crochet I didn't do today: I went to church, came home and made lunch, then I cleaned out the chickens in between the showers, and my dad and MB then arrived back with one very shattered YFG!  The eight miles she had walked today has completely done her in, and she is very tired tonight, with aching legs and a blister or two....they found some pub toilets so didn't have to resort to bushes on this occasion...

The FH's son has been asking me about family tree research as he has apparently found his dad born in Bedford, which he most certainly was not.  Must be someone else with the same first name and initial but now he wants to know more so I am going to have to resurrect my genesreunited we go!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

well done to your YFG for completing her walk.

Allegra said...

Think we could all do with getting unplugged from time to time ! Hope you made the best of your day of freedom from electric current :o)