Saturday, 15 March 2014

I've bought myself...

a whole heap of work today!!

The chap that we get logs from for the fire has been and delivered a trailer load of logs that still need to dry out some more before they are ready to burn next autumn and winter.  I have filled two huge builder's tonne bags with them, and now I have to stack them in the dry to season.......that'll be tomorrow afternoon's job!  No need for me to do any exercise DVDs tomorrow with all the lifting and carrying I shall be doing with that.  They cost me £80, which is what he was charging last year, so I am grateful that his prices haven't escalated in line with everything else that is going up.  We had two loads from him last year, and we have probably still got at least one load left because the winter was so mild that we haven't burnt as much as we thought we might.  I might grab a photo of the heaps before I start on them tomorrow.

The EFG is out babysitting tonight and the FH has taken himself back to bed with his jigsaw.  He has been up today for a good while, the first time since Wednesday.

I have to take a service tomorrow, so I am off to have a bath now, and then read until the EFG gets back.  Can't be up too late when I have to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning as they say!

Hope you are all having a restful weekend with your families and friends xx

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