Friday, 14 March 2014

Just numbers

Didn't realise I hadn't been here for two days!  Sorry, folks!  Real life gets in the way sometimes :)

Numbers - some good ones to share today: I finally, and with just days to spare, filled the ISA for the year.  I haven't been able to make much headway with the savings this year with the expenses which have been coming at me from all directions so far, but I managed to trickle the last few quid into the account to maximise the savings potential for the year.  Phew!

More good numbers - I went to the weigh-in last night, and recorded a one pound loss, so I have now lost five pounds overall.  We were fairly confident that the EFG would have got her half-stone award last night, but she wasn't well enough to come along and get weighed: I left her on the sofa, chilly under a blanket with a hot water bottle by the fire, yet with a temperature.  Something weird going on there, but she is feeling better this morning and has gone off to school.

Even more good numbers - our chapel money lady has worked out that our Knit and natter mornings raise over £900 a year for the funds!!  We are so pleased to have our ideas and projects validated like that, because it is also about providing a place for these ladies to come and share fellowship, which is a valuable service to the village.  To raise that much as an aside is fantastic.

Surprising numbers now - that other supermarket will be getting my business for a few weeks because I have received vouchers from them that are just too good to pass up.  Better than the Aldi vouchers in the papers, even.  They offer me savings of £10 off when I spend £30 each week for four weeks.  I went last night after the weigh in, and I used the £10 off to buy myself the latest Katie Fforde novel, just out at £9, for my Mother's Day gift from the girls.  I brought it home, gave it to the EFG and instructed her to wrap and stash it till the end of the month.  Now, sensible me knows that that wasn't a very good use of the saving, and it would have made more sense to have bought food with the dosh, but actually, we all deserve a treat now and again, just in moderation.  That'll be it until my birthday in September........

Not numbers now, but a really good post - please hop over to Frugal Queen and read what she shares about sharing frugal ideas with others - what an inspirational post!  Fab reading.  I didn't watch the programme she mentions, because I wanted to watch Line of Duty on BBC2 [getting gripping now we are near the end] but I think I shall find it on the iPlayer and watch it there.

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