Saturday, 1 March 2014

Photo round up

I have been faithfully taking pictures of all the jigsaws that the FH is doing, and this is the latest selection.

Most of these have been lent to him by the puzzle group at the chapel, or I have bought them in charity shops or for a £1 at the surgery, like this one below.

This one below is a celebration of Cadbury's chocolate, and was lent by UJ.

This fabulous one of steam trains came from an older lady at the chapel, and the FH fell upon it with glee!  He absolutely loves trains, and this was right up his street.

Noah's Ark came from our charity shop trawl in Ely last week, and he found it quite hard going.  Some of the pieces are actually shaped like animals.  It is a great picture.

And this is wartime Paddington Station.  The detail in this one is incredible.  That it is wartime is evident by the uniforms, soldiers with kitbags, and sweethearts bidding each other farewell!

The girders in the roof were apparently particularly tricky!

I made the EFG take this photo for me when we walked to chapel Craft Club last Friday as I pass this patch of snowdrops in the car every day and never have time to grab a picture. 

This is the scarf I have just finished tonight for the YFG.  It knitted up quite quickly, which is a relief, since the EFG now wants one too!  This is Rowan Renew recycled yarn and I think it is great.  This colour way is slightly more blue than it appears here, and it is called Diesel.  The EFG's is going to be in Garage, which is more grey in tone.

And finally, this is a lighthearted celebration of the sunny days we have had this week when I have been able to hang the washing outside and revel in the clean fresh smell of line-dried laundry.  You can't bottle it, no matter how hard the conditioner manufacturers try - there is no substitute for FRESH air!

Off to bed with a cup of tea now - been to gymnastics, shopping at Lidl, cleaned out all the chook houses, and made tea, finished the scarf and done three loads of washing.  Time to stop.


tylasnan said...

Loved seeing all the jigsaws especially the Noah's Arc. Might have to get out some myself after seeing them. Great job on the scarf. Good thing it was quick, seeing you have to do another. With three daughters and a nineteen year old grandaughter I have the same problem lol!
Cheers,Karen near Gympie

Morgan said...

Hi Karen - good to hear from you again! I love to take the photos of the jigsaws so we have a record of what he has been up to - he has another one on the board this morning that he is keen to get finished before we go to chapel. He woke up early one morning in the week and was puzzling by 6.15am, with the board stuck into the chest of drawers at the side of the bed in a kind of cantilever arrangement - it works!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I absolutely LOVED jigsaws as a child and these photos of modern ones make me want to start doing them again. That train one looks brilliant.

Bridget said...

I love to see washing on the line. The scarf is very pretty, I'm rubbish at puzzles, the boys like them but I just don't have the patience to do them. I like the train one the best x

Cheapchick said...

Love the Noah's Ark Jigsaw! That scarf is fabulous too!