Sunday, 16 March 2014

Daffodils and woodpiles

This morning I had a glorious drive through the Fens on my way to preach at a chapel in the northern part of the area.  I passed all these beautiful daffodils on my way there, and resolved to take some pictures on my way home.

Those above are just in the grass verge.

Both banks of this river are lined with daffodils for over a mile - it looks just stunning and my poor wee camera on my phone just cannot capture the joy of the flowers nodding in the breeze.

And here, a road leading in and out of this village has been lined with daffodils on both sides - such is the glory of the countryside around here at this time of year - just beautiful.  Seeing all this lovely yellow made me think of my Mum and of Freddie, as the daffodil reminds me of both of them.

And then this afternoon, I spent two and a half hours in the sunshine, wheelbarrowing this load of wood in to the dry shed to season over the coming months before we get around to burning it.
My back and shoulders ache, my thighs ache from squatting down to place it in the heaps in the shed, and my hands are a bit sore too!

This young lady [hatched last year] kept her beady eye on me the whole time, until she disappeared off to lay an egg!

That's been my Sunday so far - I have bunged some potatoes in the oven to bake, and I have some ironing to conquer, and then I might watch Shetland on the iPlayer since I missed it last Tuesday.

Hope you have had a lovely day too xx


rabbitquilter said...

Lovely Daffodils!! We have just had the most beautiful weekend in Dorset! Arrived in thick fog on Fri, which was blown away with a breeze that evening and since then the weather has been amazing!! I have even got sunburnt!! Glad to see a lot of the fields recovering from the flooding and have been tilled and planted. We still seem to have a lot of flooded spots in our area though, which washed the underneath of the car!! A few more days of this lovely sunshine will help. Don't envy you with the all those logs to shift!! I did that same job at the beginning of the year!!

tylasnan said...

Morgan thank you for the wonderful pics of the daffodils.Seeing that I live in the sub-tropics that is not a sight that I see. I am looking forward to winter very much as I'm not a fan of the heat these days and today will be 36 degrees, summers last hurray hopefully!
Cheers, Karen near Gympie

Morgan said...

@RQ - the logs are all stacked AND I was mad enough to do the exercise DVD with the EFG last night to give her moral support - I think I even put a little bit more effort into it than she did, so I am hoping for a good loss this week! All this exercise is killing me ;) Glad you had a good weekend in Dorset.

@Karen - we are looking forward to some sunshine here after the dreary and wet winter we have had, but I do agree - you can have too much of a good thing! Glad you liked the photos x

Merry said...

Sorry it has taken a while to get here but thank you so much for thinknig of Freddie as you saw the daffodils. Thinking of you and your mum too xxx