Friday, 7 March 2014

I survived

I can't tell you how nervous I was today, giving a talk at the Women's World Day of Prayer service in our little area.  There were Church of England ladies there from three parishes, and ladies from our Methodist chapel and one other.  I am quite happy preaching in the Methodist chapels around here, but suddenly facing about 30 ladies from another denomination as well suddenly had me in a little bit of a cold sweat.  There was no reason for it, save for the fact that I know my way of preaching works in the Methodist chapels that I visit, and I was apprehensive as to how I would go down in the CofE tradition.  There were however several faces that I knew from the local villages, even though I didn't know that those ladies went to local churches. One lovely lady was the one who gatecrashed my 40th birthday party in the nicest possible way, and another is the mother of a boy we coach at the gym club.  Anyway, I survived, and several ladies came up to me afterwards and said that they had either just enjoyed the talk or that it had given them things to think about, both of which seem like good responses to me.  Thank goodness for that :)

We are hosting it next year at the chapel, and the service will be written by the Christians in the Bahamas......I think that will be interesting and challenging at the same time and I am looking forward to it already.  I shan't be the speaker next year, but I have to help organise the whole thing!

Apart from that, I spent the morning knitting the EFG's scarf at the Craft Club, and then I went to gymnastics after the service so today has been packed with one thing and another.  The FH has remained upstairs again today, snoozing and doing his jigsaws.  It seems to suit him to have his feet up on the bed but I am not entirely happy with him spending so much time alone upstairs.  I shall have to think about a way around this one as I don't want him becoming reclusive and miserable.  I am already concerned as the girls and I are going to gym in the morning and then the YFG has a gym course all day in Cambridge on Sunday, so the EFG and I are taking advantage of the trip to have a little poke around the shops, which I do not entirely approve of on a Sunday, but that is when the course is and I have no choice over that.  I have to while away 6 hours....there may be time to pop to the Fitzwilliam Museum in the afternoon - I love it there.  But the FH will be alone from 8.30 until at least 5, which I don't like.

As I have shared on Sue's blog comments, I bought Jack Monroe's book when it came out, and I am looking forward to sharing how we get on with some of the recipes very soon.  The Slimming plan is making us try new recipes too, so all in all, we are shaking up the menu around here quite a bit, but trying to keep the budget under control alongside all the changes.

Hope you all have a great weekend xx


Angela said...

So glad it all went well- I was thinking of you! x

Bridget said...

Glad it all went well x

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I knew you would be fine and I was right!
Hope your weekend goes to plan

Lesley said...

Well done you!

I keep eyeing up Jack's book. It's seems to selling quite well.

Morgan said...

Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement xx

rabbitquilter said...

I knew you could do it!! Could FH not sit downstairs with his feet up? The Red Cross lend chairs and footstools out, maybe they might have something to suit? At least then FH would see the comings and goings. Off to a Christening tomorrow, am really looking forward to it. Just finished the Christening present. A cushion with baby's name embroidered on it and each letter has an animal leaning, or on it, H for hedgehog etc, and on the back I embroidered the 1st verse of All Things Bright and Beautiful, singing as I was programming it in the machine, so I hope the words are right!!!!! Enjoy the nice weekend weather!

ciao said...

Hi Morgan, still reading but not commenting. Been ill on and off since Boxing day virus's AF with my ticker, next they are going to stop it to see if it makes it right itself, lets hope so, had the problem 20 years or so but is getting much worse and lasted 2 full weeks just getting over it.
Like you don't like shopping on Sundays, would only do it for food if visitors came unexpected as we do a weekly shop on Mondays the cupboards are empty.
I hope your husband soon picks up you must be pulled in 2 different directions if not 3. I know when different things were going on at our church you were expected to help, OK for those who were widowed but as I was caring for my husband (heart probs) and my mother came to live with us she was really poorly and starting dementia not to mention still had kids at home I had to say no quite clearly, hope you are getting the fine weather that is forcast,
God Bless xx