Thursday, 6 March 2014

All the World Days

Today has been World Book Day and tomorrow is Women's World Day of Prayer - it seems that the powers that be are trying to gather us together to one purpose on some of these days.

I daren't buy another book really, although there are several that I have my eye upon....the YFG brought home four of the WBD free vouchers, because her friends didn't want them.  She was quite incredulous - it means she can get £1 off each of four books, and she has ideas about the ones she might like - I'm so pleased that my absolute joy of reading has successfully been passed on to both of my girls.  Both of them are often to be found reading at day's end, reluctant to turn off the light until they have reached the end of the chapter - I know just the feeling!

I am speaking at a church meeting for WWDP tomorrow, my first time for this occasion, and I am not sure what to expect.  The meeting is being held at the Church Rooms of our local CofE establishment, as their church is a bother to heat, and they want to serve refreshments afterwards anyway.  My sincere thanks to Ang for her support and encouragement in my preparation.  I spent a very peaceful couple of hours tucked up on the sofa with my books and papers around me this morning, writing the talk and then typing it up.  I know most other speakers probably had their talks organised weeks ago, but I am rather a last minute kind of person these days.  There just often isn't time to do it any earlier as I am busy doing things that need doing NOW.......such is life!

Today, I've mostly pottered about, doing this and that, and generally having a day at home, until I had to fetch the EFG home from school.  She had stayed to do an afterschool revision session and so she was too late for the school bus, and Mum's taxi had to come to the rescue.

We went in to the Co-op to buy a box of chocolates for an older lady at the chapel whose birthday is tomorrow.  I have to admit that there were a few offers on which I took advantage of, because I was confident that these were the best prices around.  Nouvelle toilet tissue, at £3 for 9 rolls, is something I always look for on offer, because I won't buy it at the full price of £5, but we like it and our septic tank likes it too, so we tend to use it most of the time.  Three packs of that, probably the last three in the shop, went into the trolley.  Branston beans, 4 packs for just over £1.30, three of those fell into the trolley easily, because they are usually over £2, although I had seen them recently for £1.50 somewhere.  I knew that this was a good price, and so I stocked up, as we had just about run out.  Knowing your prices is key to this kind of shopping, and it really helps.

And finally, we went to Slimming World for our weigh-in.  After my 4lb loss last week, I stayed the same, but I am so proud of the EFG: she lost just one pound last week, but this week she has recorded a five and a half pound reduction!!  She was very happy afterwards, and really keen to carry on now, although she had had a few doubts in the week.  The lady told her that she only needs to lose another half a pound and she will have her first half-stone award, so she has something to work towards and look forward to now.

We are looking towards the weekend AGAIN - I can't believe how quickly the months are flying past and before long it will be time to change the clocks again.  Another day closer to summer and another one with no snow and ice here, so lots to be grateful for........hope you are all well, and I'll hope to see you tomorrow x


Angela said...

Praying that all will go well for you at your WWDP Service - I went along to our chapel for the practice this evening, and the ladies have worked hard. Looking forward to tomorrow. Blessings xx

Welsh Poppy said...

Well done to you both and especially well done to your daughter she must be over the moon.
I can not believe how quick the month is progressing and we are on holiday 31st of his month!

Bridget said...

Hope your talk went well today. Well done to your daughter x
I too can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. We have a birthday every month from December until April in our house, we celebrate one and no sooner do you finish eating the cake than the next one is here!

rabbitquilter said...

I'm sure today at WWDP went well for you, and the coffee and cakes revived you afterwards!!! Well done on this week's 'weights and measures' moment!! I was rather disappointed as I stayed the same,as I had slogged so hard on the blessed treadmill, and I find it SOOO boring, although the birds are beginning to sing and mooch around the garden, probably wondering what that potty human is up to now!!!!