Monday, 24 March 2014

How was I to know?

The chap from Autoglass got here around 6pm, and sprang the bad news on me: I told the phone operator that my car had clear glass in the windows, but it was actually green tinted glass.  All looks clear to me, so how would I have known?!  He was very nice about it and we have it all rescheduled for Friday now when someone will come with an appropriate piece of green tinted glass........

Been going round like the proverbial fly today and quite shattered [yes - pun intentional, sorry!] and I think I have just about covered everything that needs to be done before we head off to Aberdeen tomorrow.....We caught a tiny bit of Alistair McGowan on The One Show talking about accents, and he was in Aberdeen - apparently, those living there call it "Ebber-deen", not "Abba-deen" as we have been pronouncing it!  Accents are fascinating, but I shall have to remember that we are the ones with the accents when we get there - even the EFG can only claim to have been born in Kirkcaldy, and that's a good few miles from the Granite City.  We are just a wee bit excited!!

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