Tuesday, 11 March 2014


There are some amazing people out there in Blogland......and I have to say a huge and public THANK YOU tonight to one of them.

She read about the YFG's need of all sorts of paraphenalia for her Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and she has so very kindly sent us a parcel today, containing a rucksack, which she said her son had used for his expedition and was no longer using, and so the YFG was welcome to it.

It arrived this afternoon, well-wrapped up, and so I took a pair of scissors to the wrapping very carefully, and uncovered a lovely, good-as-new 55litre rucksack.  Picking it up off the table though, I exclaimed to the FH, "Blimey, it's heavy empty - however will she lift this when it is full of her stuff?"

Answer - it wasn't empty!  The lovely lady had packed it full of things!  There were two mess tins for eating and cooking in camp, and presents for the rest of us too.  The FH was almost in tears to think that this unknown-to-him lady had thought of him and sent him a parcel of posh teabags and shortbread biscuits, I was thrilled to unwrap some gorgeous lavender soap and a Slimming World recipe book, and then, this evening, the EFG was delighted with a beautiful journal and a little butterfly with an inscription on it encouraging her to dream her dreams big!  And there's more - there was also a smaller rucksack tucked inside - probably big enough for a day's walking bits and pieces - lunch, drinks, waterproofs, etc - all matching the big one.

This lady is one of my most regular commenters and supporters, and I am so very grateful for this amazingly kind and generous gesture towards us, I just can't think how to express it all!  "Thank you" seems woefully inadequate.  It is very heartfelt, though.  There are some wonderful people in the world.  Thank goodness.


Angela said...

Such a wonderful post - how lovely to read of all that goodness and blessing flowing your way after all the struggles you talked of yesterday. The Lord Will [and Does] Provide!!

love xx

Morgan said...

Indeed, Ang, isn't He great?!!

Welsh Poppy said...

That is such a wonderful post there are some amazing people out there.I do believe God always finds a way to provide us with help when needed.
I feel very fortunate this morning I had left the hob on under a pan of soup it had been on 10 hours and all i found was one very burnt pressure cooker it could have been a lot worse!

thrift deluxe said...

How wonderful, that's really made me smile this morning.

Ciao said...

There really are angels around us, God Bless

Bridget said...

What a lovely person x
By what you've said I'm sure that the pleasure of giving was as great as the pleasure of you recieving.