Monday, 3 March 2014


Those three little letters appear occasionally when we are reading internet forums, and in text messages now and you know what they mean?  In Real Life.

Real Life has been more abundant here since the computer broke down, and I am trying very very hard to restrict myself, to not while away hours surfing from one website to another, not to spent ages reading forums, interesting and informative as they are.

I've discovered that I am rather a magpie - I like to collect things, or more precisely, I like to collect Information.  I have more recipe books, more knitting patterns, more instruction and information books than I will ever have time to make use of.  There is so much information out there on the internet now, that my books and texts here are becoming just the tip of the iceberg - and now that Pinterest has popped up, one can index links to more information.

Goodness me, I wonder how I managed without access to all this know what?  I actually DID things, rather than reading about them and collecting information about them!  So I have determined that I will continue what I have started, and DO more and read/collect less information.  I am so pleased that I have finished the YFG's scarf in the last two weeks, and hope to have the EFG's done by the end of the month.

The next project is to crochet some squares with yellow in them to look like daffodil petals in honour of Freddie who was born and died one April not so long ago, and of my mum, whose birthday was in April.  I'm not going to spend hours researching the best pattern, but instead I am just going to find one that looks vaguely appropriate in one of the three [see what I mean?!] crochet books I have got, and I am going to make them.  IRL.  Watch this space and I'll show you what I have made by the end of April.

And you know what else?  The house is just a teeny bit tidier too.  Just a bit.

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