Monday, 17 March 2014

Planning with your kitchen equipment!

After preaching yesterday, I went into a supermarket nearby for some fresh fruit and vegetables and thought on the spur of the moment, that it would be an idea to have a roast chicken, so I found a lovely plump bird for £6, a large one, and added that to the basket and headed for the checkout.

Driving home, my mouth was almost watering at the thought of this chicken roasted for tea last night, and then the bombshell hit me and I remembered!  The oven is has been dying bit by bit for some time, and it died on me completely one day last week when I had a couple of things in there and they just never quite got hot, so I had to fire up the little mini oven and cook them one at a time.

You know that me and cash are not parted in a hurry, and so I haven't been very swift to get this oven replaced.  [I know it is beyond repair - don't go there.]  I'm sure I told you when it died, and I have been thinking about the options on and off ever since.  I'm still undecided...

But I do have moments when I forget!

So plan B last night was a baked potato in the little oven and today we have had the chook cooking away in the slow cooker all day - and the aromas filling the house have been so appetising!  We have eaten about a third of the chook tonight, with steamed veggies and potatoes roasted in the little oven, and the other two thirds of the meat is in tupperware pots in the fridge, a pot for tomorrow and one for Wednesday.  We shall eat at least 12 meals between the 4 of us from this chook and make it very good value for money.  The thing that I love about slow cooking a chicken is that the meat just falls off the bones and all I am left with is a little parcel of bones!  I shall hop over to Allegra's blog and check out her Rubber chicken posts for some inspiration for the rest of the week.

I've cut the front and back lawns this morning, strimmed the edges at the front, swept the stairs down, helped the FH with his jigsaw, taken the EFG to an after-school appointment, collected 19 eggs in this afternoon, and I am about to go and do some Faith & Worship work now......early to bed tonight as well, I think!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

There are so many ways of eating chicken and all delicious even a sandwich - which is my reason for never being vegetarian!

rabbitquilter said...

Not a very busy day for you then!!!
I was interested in you cooking your chook in the slow cooker. I have an old slow cooker and I only tried a chicken once as, although it was cooked it was still a pinky colour. Am I doing something wrong or is my slow cooker past it? I can't remember exactly how long I cooked it, but it was HOURS!!!
A slower day for you tomorrow I hope, but knowing you - I doubt it!!!!

Retro Wren said...

That's the type of thing that I do. I just don't seem to have the memory capacity anymore! Lol.

Missing you on the forums my sweet. :(

Have a great week lovely lady.
Rw x

Morgan said...

@SSS - no, I don't think I could be a vegetarian either!

@RQ - I know what you mean about the pinky bits in the chicken, but after 9 hours on High, it was definitely cooked, and the way it just falls off the bones is brilliant. Sometimes I will cook a chook overnight, and then it gets an extra couple of hours, but I do notice that some parts of the chicken do appear pinkish. As long as the juices are clear, I don't worry.

@RetroWren - Kind of you to comment and say that I am missed - I am grateful that some of you from the forums read the blog anyway, and I did get the feeling that I was just repeating myself over there! Most days there isn't time to visit anywhere much on the internet, especially at this time of year - I spent a lot of time outside yesterday in the garden, and today I MUST do some studying!
LOVELY to hear from you, though, and glad to know you are still reading my mutterings xxx

ciao said...

Hi Morgan,
My main oven went a couple of years ago, the top oven only is good for cooking scones and muffins, burns everything else. My microwave is a combination oven so have been using that but can only do 1 thing at a time. The grill went years ago so bought a toaster. Now one of the rings on the hob has gone too. Do you think I should give in and buy another one it's only the thoughts of cleaning the area around before putting in a new one that is putting me off.God Bless xx

Morgan said...

@Ciao - we seem to be managing one way or the other at the moment - the trouble is going to come when I should be doing a baking session for a chapel coffee morning and won't be able to! The other reason that we will have to replace this oven is that it will be tricky to sell the house without a working oven and we do plan to be on the move within 3-5 years, probably, so if I am going to fork out for an oven for that, I might as well have the use of it for a couple of years before we go!