Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A new start

January arrived and the weather improved as well!  We have had a glorious day here of sunshine and blue skies, with nary a drop of rain - what a change a day makes.  I understand that we may be in for some drizzle tomorrow, but Carol on the BBC promises that the south will find the first half of January to be drier overall that the weather we have been used to - bring it on!

We have enjoyed a good dinner of roast lamb with lots of veg and a Yorkshire pudding, shared with UJ and the older chap who was here at Christmas.  They all tucked in and there was silence at the table for some time whilst the meal was appreciated and enjoyed.  The FH took the chap home at about 4pm and UJ stayed on till about 7.45pm.

This afternoon, I have spent some more time making plans, reading, knitting, and having a snooze as well.  The fire has been lit and we all sat around and enjoyed each other's company whilst doing our own thing.  This evening, I have spent time watching "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" with the girls, although I think that the YFG may have spent more time on Tumblr than actually watching the film!

And resolutions?  No, not as such.  Plans, yes.  But they are for tomorrow as tonight I have an appointment with a Lee Child novel and I am off to read for a while before I go to sleep.


Angela said...

Just to say I saw our Hi Viz man walking along the road yesterday and wished him a Happy New Year!

would you recommend Salmon Fishing? [the film, not the activity] xx

Morgan said...

Glad he is still walking! Hope he gets around here again soon.

Yes, I liked the film, but it is quite quirky. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm glad we've got it on DVD so I can watch it again - will send it your way for a borrow if you'd like to see it? We've watched The Help this afternoon whilst I did the ironing and I think it has opened the girls' eyes a little wider on the topic of racial discrimination in the USA at the time. It is also a good film.

Hugs xx