Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday meal

No photo today because the EFG and her laptop are not here to get the photo off the camera - the desktop pcs that we have are too old to have the right slots to pop the memory card into, so we have to rely on the laptop.  We have had sweet and sour chicken with rice tonight, after I got back from depositing the EFG and her friend at UJ's house.  I have arranged a lovely chap to bring them home again tomorrow in the late afternoon, so that saves me another round trip down there.  He works in the area and will pick them up for me after work and bring them back.  

I have made the Mars bar cake from Lesley's blog here for the chapel coffee morning tomorrow.  It was incredibly easy and I just scaled it up to fit into a Swiss roll tin, so my chocolate is not quite as thick as Lesley's but it still tastes good, according to the testers here who declared that I couldn't let the general public eat it until they had made sure it was OK - so noble of them, don't you think?!

And the FH has had a day in bed.  He has caught up on his sleep....and I am longing to do the same.  I may sleep in the EFG's bed tonight, since it will be empty, in an attempt to get a little more rest than I had last night.  

I hope you are all keeping well xx

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Lesley said...

Sweet and sour chicken - lovely! I'm glad that your testers enjoyed the Mars bar cake.