Monday, 21 January 2013

Following the path

I set out on a path yesterday morning to preach a sermon about gratitude.  I had a small congregation of 8 along with the YFG, sitting in a not-that-hot rural chapel in the north of the Fens.

One lady came up to me at the end of the service and told me that she had been very touched by the message I had brought, and that was all my dreams come true.  To have worked on that service and the sermon, and touched one heart, was pure joy.  And I gave thanks.

Today I have been wrestling with the broken laptop conundrum...and it has come to me tonight that all I had to do is listen to myself yesterday and I would have the answer.

We might have a broken one of these:

(image from

BUT we have one of these that works well:

(image from

and we have another one, one of these, with all the bits and pieces to go with it, and it also works well [it actually works a little faster than the Acer!]   
(image from

and, if that wasn't enough, the EFG has one of these:

(image from

So we are more than well enough equipped to deal with all the computing needs we have.  

All I had to do was to move the Compaq machine downstairs to the office from the YFG's bedroom so that she still feels part of the family, and she is happy to use it to do her homework, watch DVDs, and research whatever she needs to know.

No laptop on the shopping list this month.  Money heading straight for the savings account where it was planned to go, and no unnecessary purchases happening here.


Orkneyflowers said...

I'm glad your sermon was well recieved. You must be very proud.

Good call on the solution to your IT problems.

Morgan said...

Hi, OF and thanks for commenting - 'tis good to get some feedback - and that is also the feeling I had with the sermon.

It's not so much pride as sheer relief, actually, as sometimes the faces look blankly back at me and I wonder if I am reaching anyone at all, so the fact that the lady said that it meant something to her was so joyful for me!

Emma Watts said...

Hi Morgan, Over 30 years ago whilst rustling sweet papers in a rear pew during morning service an elder lady imparted the following advice to a bunch of restless 13 year olds. "Lovely to see you all here again as spirited as ever. Enjoy your Youth Fellowship and whatever else anyone tells you : Take what you need and give what you can" Such profound advice.