Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keeping warm

This morning in the Fens, we are counting our blessings.  We have the woodstove alight in the sitting room, and we have plenty of this!

(image from justintotimber.co.uk)

The cupboards are full of food, and we will not go hungry!

And the chooks are laying well - 18 eggs on Sunday, 8 yesterday!

(image from bbc.co.uk)

And I knitted myself a scarf in this pattern, although mine is green and pink.  We all have warm clothes to wear, shoes and boots and thick socks for going outside, and hats/scarves/gloves.

And actually, right now, we don't have a lot of this stuff to worry about.  We do have icy roads so we are being very careful.

(image from en.wikipedia.org)


Dianne - Hereford said...

Weather wise here in Herefordshire we are in the same situation as you. We are due to go by train to Crewe on Thursday so I am hoping the weather gets no worse. We shall be delivering Christmas gifts to my sister in law. Unable to travel over the Christmas break as my husband had an operation prior to Christmas which actually put Christmas on hold. Unable to get the Christmas decorations down from the loft, I was forced to walk the hedgerow and pick my Christmas floral display. Free of course and I left the berries for the birds. It looked very nice. Hope your weather stays reasonable. Take care and thank you for a super blog.
Dianne - Hereford

Morgan said...

Thank you for such a kind comment, Dianne - you are welcome here any time!! I do hope your train trip on Thursday goes well and you are home safe before the next lot of snow which seems to be due on Friday xx